Sail into Luxury: Best Yachting Destinations for Ultimate Pure Relaxation

Yachting in Cannes

One thing my experiences have taught me is to never waste precious time on mediocre holidays. With my job as a travel writer, I have had the chance to tour many parts of the world but none equals yachting. Yachting is not only about sailing for the uninitiated – it’s a lifestyle. It’s a luxurious mix of adventure, chilling out and lots – lots – of champagne (only half-joking).

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen fasten your belts or rather, put on your life vests as we take you through some of the leading yachting destinations for maximum relaxation.

Rent a Yacht at the French Riviera

First stop, the French Riviera. I mean, where else? This section of azure coastal line is often attributed to the playground of the fabulously wealthy and famous, its sparkling quality would put my Aunt Mildred’s rhinestoned cat collection to shame. Come between Cannes and Saint Tropez, you will be spoilt for choice in dropping anchor and brushing shoulders with those famous.

I was certain I saw George Clooney once while sipping champagne on the deck of Cannes Bay eating a croissant. Well, it was just a cup and I thought he might have been an American with that trilby hat; the sun plays tricks on you at the Riviera.

With a hired Yacht to the Amalfi Coast

The next destination is in Italy, the Amalfi Coast. This place is like a pizza with all my favourite toppings – beautiful cliffs, colourful houses and clear waters. Speaking of pizza, the food here is amazing. There is hardly anything better than eating a gourmet Italian meal while sailing down this stunning coastline.

I also recall when I once visited here and promised my wife to learn how to make an Italian recipe, pasta. Now I am stuck taking weekly cooking lessons and a burnt carbonara, or a promise. But that is a story for another day.

Get ready for the Seychelles

However, for a far-flung adventure; the ‘Seychelles’. It is paradise, better with cocktails. One could refer to it as the picture of serenity in the Indian Ocean. You may end up on an island that is so remote it feels like you are a castaway – but with a luxury yacht and your own chef.

For instance, when I went on a trip to Seychelles, I was so at ease that I nearly forgot about an article to be written and submitted that week. But then, who can blame me with the soothing waves at my side and a stupendous sunset in front of my eyes.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll head into the waters of the British Virgin Islands. Do not let the word British mislead you into thinking that an umbrella and raincoat will be needed. With a chain of islands like this, sun-drenched beaches and seas more blue than turquoise.

I remember waking up one time after a night of rum tasting and being convinced that I was Captain Jack Sparrow. My wife wasn’t very happy with my back to the sea and cut up your clothes tendencies, but the parrot seemed to approve.

Yachting in Greece

Finally, the Greek Islands. What a yachter’s dream, as this place has over 200 inhabited islands to discover. Each island is different, from the nightlife in Mykonos to sunsets of Santorini.

On one of these islands, I once got to take part in a plate smashing event a traditional Greek. I must say, it was an awesome time, until I found myself smashing my own camera lens. Moral of the story – always check things that you are smashing.

Finally, it is evident that yachting provides the most unique form of luxury coupled with relaxation to summarise this sea voyage. These are the kind of experiences that separate yachting holidays from the rest, be it sipping champagne on a beach at French Riviera or waking up for some piratical action in BVI.

And remember, these stories are not only about the places; they describe the experience and funny wanderings of Solomon Doe. Therefore, if you are seeking a break away which is slightly more luxurious than your Aunt Mildred’s cat collection, there isn’t really any other option than a yachting holiday. Just try not to mistake an Englishman in a trilby hat for sunburn, and always confirm before you go smashing any plates.