Starting from Chicago to Island Hopping using Yacht Hire Chicago

Picture this: Island hopping adventures with an old friend or hired yachts for a group of friends. It all began when we chose to go for an extensive tour in the lakes. Why not carry out this activity in elegance and style by using a first-class yacht? Therefore, we aimed at Chicgo, the city of wind, where we were supposed to take our yacht dreams come through.

Well, finding the best yacht in Chicago was not a simple exercise. We went to various websites, read customer’s feedback, and even talked to our friends who have experience with such products. Lastly, we had finally walked into a yacht that looked just perfect for us after what seemed like a lifetime. The design was perfect, stylish, and provided us with all the requirements required. It was obvious that we had hit pay dirt.

We departed on the last day and went to the marina with a lot of enthusiasm. Boarding on yacht became an exciting adventure that filled our hearts with emotions. We were welcomed by pleasant smiles and glasses of champagne; this was just the beginning of fantastic things happening.

On the Lake

The breathtaking skyline of Chicago made it difficult for us to leave the city as we sailed towards our destination. Finally the tall skyscraper, beckoned us farewell and waved us forward promising of the adventures ahead. Thus, with the breeze blowing through our hair and the sunlight streaming onto our skins we are bound on our way to our initial island hopping location.

After all, at Mackinac island in lake huron and we just started our tour along Michigan coast. We saw a picturesque sight of Victorian architecture and horses as we headed for the island on approach. We were transported back in history, feeling every step with its past.

During the day, we cycled around the island, tasted the yummy fudge of the local stores, and gasped at the spectacular view of Lake Huron. It was heavenly and we could not get over it. We had no idea that we would find ourselves in such a magical place when on a yacht hire in Chicago.

After that, we visited Beaver Island, an island situated in Lake Michigan. This island was indeed a hidden gem as I’m about to explain. Our pristine beaches, clear waters, abundance of wildlife made us feel as if we had found paradise. Thanks of yacht hire Chicago, we spent time swimming, snorkelling and simply enjoying every day as if having embarked on a journey of exploration.

However, the best part of our island hopping experience was when we visited South Manitou Island. We saw an admirable lighthouse set upon a pile of rocks as we drew closer to the isle. We simply could not help but taking about a million picture shots just like postcard!

However, we traversed that day along the island’s moist woods, secret beaches, and stumbled on ship wreck. A real memorable journey filled with discovering the miracles of mother nature and enjoying an explorer spirit.

Sailing back home to Chicago

We could not forget the impression left for us by this journey in the Great Lakes. For the wonderful experiences, the laughter that reverberated through the corridors of the yacht ship, and the unforgettable memories.

Hence, any time you are in Chicago thinking of chartering a yacht, just do it! Dive in, enjoy the trip, and let the wonders of Lake Islands bewitch you. Believe me, you will not miss anything about it. Imagine you could discover a secret paradise as we did?

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