The World’s Top Yachting Experiences

Yachting Destinations

Dreamed of trading the mundane for the rolling ocean? Imagine being on a luxury boat, the sun shining brightly on your face while you sip champagne and cool sea- air play with your hair. Do you know, such a dream is for him only? However, if you can experience what it means why dream?

It all started innocently when I began my journey into the yachting world. I was just a modest landlubber, who had loved anything nautical. Next, I went on my maiden yacht trip. Their love was at first sail. Up to date, I have sailed in some of the most beautiful yachting destinations in the world. Believe me, it is a world to be discovered.

First stop: French Riviera. Mention yachting and the imagination automatically floats to this scenic Mediterranean paradise. It seemed like being in a James Bond movie through my first trip. The glitz, the glamour, the coastline that was ridiculously beautiful. It was intoxicating. As I sailed past Cannes, Nice and St. Tropez, it was as if a Hollywood star on holiday.

Next up: The enchanting Greek Islands. During my tour while in the Cyclades, I found white-washed houses facing an astonishingly blue watered adjustment. As we passed smooth by island, gate of the Arabian Sea, it seemed like mythology had come alive named after ancient Greek Gods. Sitting with ouzo from local production, I was feeling like Poseidon!

Onward to the Caribbean! So, if you are looking for an ultimate laid-back vibe now, here it is. The waters are as turquoise, the sun shines brightly and you cannot miss vibrant local culture; it’s tropical paradise perfected. While I was lazing on the hammock, sipping some piña colada, a spontaneous reggae dance broke out one day on deck. But, let’s say I am no dancer at all!

The second destination was Amalfi Coast, Italy. This coastline is indeed a living postcard. Pinching myself had become a necessity while sailing past the colourful cliffside villages of Positano and Amalfi. That particular evening, as they dined on seafood linguini, the Captain decided to share with them stories of mythical sea monsters. I almost anticipated a nymph of the sea to spring from those turquoise waters!

I have to admit; New England, USA was a pleasant shock. It was as if I was walking into a Nicholas Sparks novel with the picturesque towns, lighthouses and lobster shacks. As we descended through the Nantucket Sound, I felt an aura of calmness envelop me. I even participated in lobster catching. It happened that I was not so bad at it!

Then there’s the beautiful Seychelles. An Indian Ocean tropical eden. The 115 islands provide a variety of magnificent sceneries. In the afternoon, some dolphins joined journey. I will never forget that sight; watching them leap and play in our wake.

Last but not least: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It’s a colourful world, under the sea and is classified as UNESCO World Heritage site. It was like exploring another world to go snorkelling here. With clownfish darting between corals, as a sea turtle glided past, I felt like I had entered an actual Finding Nemo scene.

I have learnt many interests in the cause of my sailing around the globe. But the most important lesson? There is no other way to get closer to our wonderful planet than by sea. New port means new adventures, exotic tastes and captivating characters.

Now, what are you waiting for? Set sail and explore! And believe me, it is no vacation; it’s a way of life. A life to give you wind in your hair, sun upon your skin and tales of enthusiasm. So, throw in your funny bone and pack up your curiosity. Happy voyaging!